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Ian Hunter
Ryerson Theatre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
September 19, 1979

Ian Hunter - guitar, vocals
Mick Ronson - guitar, vocals
Tommy Morrongiello - guitar, vocals
Tommy Mandel - keyboards, vocals
George Meyer - keyboards, vocals
Martin Briley - bass, vocals
Eric Parker - drums, vocals

01 The New Music Special Intro 0:53
02 Life After Death 4:28
03 Just Another Night 5:21
04 Commercial Break #1 3:04
05 The Golden Age of Rock and Roll 3:20
06 Standing In My Light 6:06
07 Bastard 7:24
08 Commercial Break #2 2:04
09 Cleveland Rocks 6:40
10 All The Young Dudes 3:38
11 Commercial Break #3 2:03
12 When The Daylight Comes 11:50

Total Time 58:13

Lineage: 3/4" U-matic Off-Air Master>S-VHS>Pioneer dvd/hd recorder>converted to Mpeg-2 and authored to dvd using AVS4YOU

Bit Rate: 9400kbps
frame rate: 29.97
Bit Rate: 224 kbps
2 Channel mono
48000 Hz
format: MP2

Menu: Yes
Chapters: Yes

Back in the nineties I was working with someone who had worked for a cable company and he would often record various shows on to 3'4" U-matic video. He mentioned
he had this and I asked him if I could make a copy. He gave me the 3/4" master, I bumped it to S-VHS and am sharing it for the first time here and now (Aug 2012).
Not sure what has previously circulated from this show and I've only seen TGAORAR uploaded on youtube. This is a step up in quality of that clip but I cannot comment
beyond that except to say that chances are this is an upgrade to any home recording made at the time. This show was also broadcast over FM radio, if someone has an
audio recording of the stereo broadcast and you wish to upgrade the audio portion of the show, please do.

Enjoy and please share freely,

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