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axeshredder said:
thanks satchmo...but it looks to me that the chrome boy is going to be my last guitar purchase for a long time...that will make 8 electrics and 1 acoustic...running out of room and who knows if i will build another
Sounds like you are well covered Axe....and really there is no such thing as too many guitars. They look cool hanging on the wall, if you break a string, you can just throw it aside and grab another, and if you need to buy something else, you can always throw one on E-bay and get your $$ back. GC has JS-1's for $550 on sale this week, but all the Dallas stores were sold I got an RG.

Let's see...I now have 5 electrics, 1 acoustic, and a bass.....I think I need to admit myself to rehab.:lol:
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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