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Ice T & Body Count
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA
March 15, 1992

Bitrate VBR

01. Medley: The Iceberg / Power (performed by Ice-T)
02. Medley: 6 'n The Mornin' / Drama / Peel Their Caps Back (performed by Ice-T)
03. Body Count's In The House
04. Body Count intro ("Halb" on the backcover)
05. Body Count
06. Bowels Of The Devil
07. KKK Bitch
08. Voodoo
09. There Goes The Neighborhood
10. Evil Dick
11. Momma's Gotta Die Tonight
12. Cop Killer

Time: 60 minutes

Body Count are:
Ice-T - vocals
Ernie C - lead guitar
D-Roc The Executioner - rhythm guitar
Mooseman - bass
Beatmaster V - drums

made by Psycho M.

My Notes:
There is not info about the lineage on the torrent, it's a good to very good audience recording and better performance.
Bootlegged as "Body Count's In The House", "There Goes the Neighborhood" and "Copkiller" (1993 - Live Line). Artwork of these releases added

Thanks to the original uploader

oraf77 (June 2015)

DL Link:

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The file is on line again
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