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Band: Iced Earth
Venue: Sheffield Arena
City: Sheffield
Country: England
Date: 7th Of November 2007

Recording: Audience
Lineage: SP-CMC-22 > Sony MZ-R55 > Cooledit Pro > .wav > .flac > Dime
Quality: A-

01 Intro
02 Motivation Of Man
03 Setian Massacre
04 Burning Times
05 Declaration Day
06 My Own Savior
07 A Charge To Keep
08 Ten Thousand Strong

Another master i recorded over the last week, i was standing for this show and
the sound is significantly better than up in the seats, and the recording came
out good, please do not distribute in any lossy format, Check out my bootleg
list at, as always requests are welcome.

Download Here:
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