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Iggy Pop and The Stooges - 1973-08-18 - St. Louis, MO
(Audience FLAC)

Iggy & the stooges
August 18th, 1973,
at the American Theater
in St. Louis, Missouri.


First Set:
01-Radio spot for gig
02-Raw Power
03-Head On
04-Gimme Danger
05-Cock In My Pocket
06-Search & Destroy
07-I Need Somebody
08-Open Up & Bleed

Second Set:
09-Raw Power
10-Head On
11-Gimme Danger
12-Cock In My Pocket
13-Iggy Taunts Crowd
14-Search & Destroy/I Need Somebody
15-Heavy Liquid
16-Heavy Liquid(again - this is the way it came on the CD. It may have been from the 1st set)
17-Open Up & Bleed

I just want to warn you up front; these are not the greatest audience recordings. If you're looking for pristine fidelity here, you'll be sorely disappointed. For die-hard fans only. Enjoy!!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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