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I Have made A Choice To End My Self Here A Elvis Bootleg Forum
When I joined in 2009 I Thought That It Would Be Fair To Share My Files,
Like My fav. Song (Talk About The Good Times) From Elvis sings Oh you talk about the good times,Talk about the good times Oh if you ever needed help a friend was there Some good neighbor Help lift your burden Mmm, and the simple joys of life a (friend would share).
But Rudeness Was Around So I Left, I Came Back This Year , Thought It Would Change , But It Didn't, So Am Leaven , I Will Leave My Files To Download For The Month Then I Remove, again Words From My Fave Elvis Song ,My granddaddy God rest his soul now
Well we had a big long talk together the day he died Said son this world is full of (hate and venom) An' I can't wait to leave this ol' (Forum) and rest on the other side. :cry:

PS Thank You Thank You Hawkprather For Being The Only One Kind.


Has Elvis69 replied to you [yet]?


We all get aggravated with G101 -but- it does serve its purpose :) -so- don't just walk away without getting to know a few others a little better. Those who are filled with sarcasm, and negative comments or PMs usually get left behind.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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