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Riff Addict said:
:lol:Ha, I thought you meant you were listening to the band "The Cars" song, "Here in my Car".

Thats a good song actually. Now I'm gonna have to find it on winmx and DL it.

Wasn't that Gary Numan that did that. Here In My Car.

· ~Free Will~
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We have a 96.1 here too...It plays classic rock..Very cool station indeed:D ..I agree with ya sunnie ..Lots of great stuff from the site to listen too...I have about 4 cd's now...Working on my 5th:grin:
Sunnie said:
I usually listen to 96.1 80's metal rock.
Or a Burn from Guitars101, got some great stuff from this site.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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