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The Clash - The Ninteen Eighties Start Here live at Friar's, January 5 1980

A really rare show by the Clash and their last out of the two circulation of them at Friar's in Aylesbury, the first was from 1978. It sounded like a fun gig when I was listening to the tape. I am posting this show because it was the very first show of their 16 tons tour which was 3 legs. I am also posting this show by the Clash because it was the first show at Friar's to be performed in the 1980s, even the advertising flyer said "The Ninteen Eighties Start Here" and the advertised Clash show was said to be the earliest performance according to the flyer:
Newspaper Publication Font News Poster
This show was recorded from the audience and the sound quality is very cruddy. A distorted recording with a rather thin mid range sound. The drums are heard decently, the vocals are on the same volume levels as the drums but very muffled, and the bass and guitars can not be heard very well. It also suffers an audible and kind of annoying thumping sound which sounds like something hitting the recorder. Worth a listen though and an improvement in sound quality over the 1978 Friar's show by them (which I will post some other time).

Sources: 1
Tracks: 18
Genre: Power Pop
Total Run Time: 60 minutes

Clash City Rockers
Brand New Cadilac
Safe European home
Jimmy Jazz
Guns of Brixton
Train in Vain
White Man in Ham Palais
Koka Kola
Wrong 'Em Boyo
Police and Thieves *
Stay Free
Death or Glory
Janie Jones *
Armagideon Time
English Civil War
Complete Control*

* tracks indicate that they also circulate on a video of the concert, London Calling was also performed but is only on the video
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