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THE NUNS - Whiskey, Hollywood (Possible Debut)

Here you go, another punk rock tape in my collection from me to you, and a very early one! The Nuns were a somewhat underground, but awesome punk band that was around from 1975-1980 and had only released 1 self-titled album during their last year along with 4 singles from 1977-1980 plus an incomplete radio-broadcast of a demo tape. This was them at the popular Whiskey A Go-Go in Los Angeles, California. It is their earliest tape in circulation and it might be their debut concert as far as what I have heard about this tape but I am completely not sure. It was not marked with an exact date and is surprisingly from 1975 or 1976. For it's time, the performance sounded ahead of its time with the fast tempos and raw guitar sounds. However, I am not sure if it is because of the fast tape-speed because their voices kind of sound a little bit like the Smurfs instead of how they sounded in the album. Or maybe that's just me. The concert was recorded from the audience, and is rather incomplete as the last track "Smokin' Heroin" is cut which is a shame as it sounded like a great, exciting version of it. Sound quality is good, however it sounds like it could have came from a 2nd generation tape with distortion and a bit of a thin sound. Otherwise, very listenable and definitely worth having in your collection! However definitely not for children as most of the content in the songs are a little extreme. If a full version circulates and more info is found about it, I would be more than happy to repost.

Sources: 1
Tracks: 11
Genre: Punk Rock
Total Run Time: 24 minutes

Decadent Jew
Media Control
Twenty-First Century
Child Molester
You Think You're the Best
Mental Masturbation
Suicide Child
Smokin' Heroin (cuts)
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