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After many many days of uploading to youtube, We're happy to announce our INTERACTIVE version of the Metropolis Part 1 'VRA! Split-Screen Covers' is finally up.

When we started out the project we agreed within the band that we wouldn't release "backing track" versions of our recordings. This was to preserve the uniqueness of our videos, since they did require lots of hard work and money to be done. Our compensation for the effort would be basically (and hopefully) the exposure.

That being said, we have received countless messages and emails from people around the world interested in play-alongs for their particular instruments, which we've had to deny, up until now...

We feel this particular online cover has surpassed our expectations, reaching over 250k hits on Thiago's channel, and we want to offer you something special in appreciation to the support we've been getting for both the VRA! Split-Screen Covers and our band of originals Bad Salad.

So here it is... the [INTERACTIVE] Metropolis Part 1, offered to you by VRA!
It's our way of saying thank you!

Grab your instrument and jam away at it! :rock:

If you don't play an instrument, you might still enjoy listening to the different mixes, so check it out!

Have fun!

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