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Here are a list of links with interactive soundbites in no order of preference.
If you find more please feel free to post them.
<ul type="square"> Line 6 [/list]
<ul type="square">Boss FX interactive [/list]
<ul type="square">Digitech [/list]

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ahhh - I had just done something similar. Hope you don't mind me posting it here.


Toneworks Products

Has streaming videos showing all the fx in use. This has to be the most useful website I have found to date in explaining what products actually do. The demonstrators are pretty enthusiastic too, and Paul Kramer is a pretty cool guitarist. There are also a number of mp3 sound files.

Vox Tonelabs

Tonelab SE

Just specs but there is a streaming video of both units in action here


Product overviews only. No audio or videos.

Line 6

Has streaming videos showing all the fx in use and mp3 examples. Seems pretty cool. Most people seem to rate them so the must be pretty damn good.


Has audio demos of most of its products and video demos of the GNX3


has some interesting ways of presenting demos of combinations of stomp boxes and some videos. Not the best website I have seen.
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