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....and Joe Satriani mentions some interesting points about an advantage over the JSX head and his new speaks.......funny thing is the knobs on the combo are the exact reverse position of the

"We designed the JSX 212 not only for practicality, but also tone and versatility," says Satriani. "The amp's tone comes to life in a big way using this 2x12 design, and the relationship between the combo and the player sets up an interesting interplay that you can't get with a head. It's a special experience having the amp and speakers in one unit."

Peavey implemented creative design measures to ensure the JSX 212 reflects the character and power of the original amp head. For example, Satriani worked with Peavey to create the JSX loudspeaker, which is specially voiced to convey the array of tones the amp can produce. The 212 can also be connected to another 212 in stereo or run with another cabinet for extra volume. Like the head version, this 212 is switchable for 4, 8 or 16 Ohms.

"These JSX speakers offer up the biggest, most balanced tone, with chiming highs and big, tight lows," he says. "They scream and cry but won't fall to pieces. The middle frequencies are tuned to allow for clear articulation, which helps the amp perform as both a stellar clean-sounding amp as well as a thick-and-punchy high gain unit."

The combo's open-backed design offers sonic possibilities not available with a traditional head-and-cabinet configuration. "Many of the biggest and baddest sounds in rock history have been created using open-back cabinet designs," he says. "Positioning the amp to have the sound reflect from the back of the cabinet off a wall, or putting mics on both the front and back of the speakers, can be extremely useful and fun to play with. The open-back design is a real plus, because the speakers' performance is not dampened in any way."

The JSX 212 will be available in Q2 2005 from authorized Peavey dealers.


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