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I obtained this cd in a trade about 5 years ago. The cd was 2 large tracks, which I've split as neccessary. Track 1, Same Direction fades in at the end of the track, but I've kept it in, it's up to you what you do with it. Track 9, Original Sin fades out at the end of the track, missing a few seconds. Track 10, A Different World fades in. This is a MW recording, but the left and right volume was very uneven, so I've tried to match it up. The show is very enjoyable, nice and clear. I haven't seen this recording on that many trade lists, and don't believe it's appeared on dime before.

I'm not 100% sure on the lineage, but think the cassette that was transfered to cd was at 2nd generation.

cdr - pc - Edited using GoldWave Digital Audio Editor (volume, fade in/out)

1) Same Direction (fades in)
2) Soul Mistake
3) Kiss the Dirt
4) Biting Bullets
5) Burn For You
6) Do Wot You Do
7) I Send A Message
8) Melting In The Sun
9) Original Sin (fades out)
10) Different World (fades in)
11) Shine Like It Does
12) Listen Like Thieves
13) One X One
14) What You Need
15) Red Red Sun
16) Outro by Radio dj.

Enjoy. Please share any rare INXS recordings (1980 -1997)
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