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Iron Maiden

"The Greediness"

Nov 22, 1986
Hanover, Germany.
Tour: Somewhere On Tour

Source: Audience
Quality: 8+/9-
Artwork: Yes

Lineage: CD Rip>PC>EAC>WAV>Audition>FLAC 5


01 Blade Runner Intro (Vangelis)
02 Caught Somewhere in Time
03 Two Minutes to Midnight
04 Sea of Madness
05 Children of the Damned
06 Stranger in a Strange Land
07 Wasted Years
08 Where Eagles Dare
09 Heaven Can Wait
10 Phantom of the Opera
11 Hallowed Be Thy Name
12 Iron Maiden
13 The Number of the Beast

Note: This Iron Maiden program is no longer in the forum,
if someone has it complete please upload it, I will be very grateful.

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255 Posts
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I downloaded a converter too but some one beat me to the repost of it with a Flac version i was going to post it as a WAV
Thank you Jimgasm, I've been looking for the complete Hannover program in 1986 for a long time. Thanks a lot !!
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