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****Transferred and posted by olbap12ar on :: EzTorrent v0.7.0r484 ****

Iron Maiden
July 25th 1992
Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fear Of The Dark Tour

Olbap12ar Audio Transfers February 2020

This was the first show of Iron Maiden in Argentina. And it was the first of the 2 times I've seen Maiden in concert (the other one was in 2001 again in Buenos Aires). This was had a crowd of something like 20.000 to 25.000 at the football stadium of the Ferrocarril Oeste club. The sound during the show was quite bad even when the band was playing really good on stage. Trust me, you'll enjoy the concert more in these audios I'm sharing here, than what we all enjoyed it during the actual show.

First, you have the audience recording of the full show. I bought cassette copies from the taper a week after the show. Due to tape flipping or when the taper paused the recorder, a couple small parts here and there were missing, so I patched them with the other recording I'm sharing here. That one is the soundboard with MINT quality. I got it from somebody who used to work with a soundman and he had many audios from shows of local and international bands live in Buenos Aires. So I also assume this is a 1st gen too. This guy unfortunately seem to saved only the last 90min of the show from the soundboard audio. At least is what he told me. Another copy of this audio, but with some parts edited out was used to release a bootleg CD during the 90s decade. This is the unedited audio. I left it like it is, not patching any missing part.

Hope you enjoy them.

1st gen tape > deck > EQ > soundcard > Sony Soundforge > WAV > FLAC (Level 8) > You

02-Be Quick or Be Dead
03-The Number of the Beast
05-Die With Your Boots On
06-Can I Play With Madness
07-From Here to Eternity
08-Wasting Love
10-The Evil That Men Do
11-Afraid to Shoot Strangers (solo patched)
12-Fear of the Dark
13-Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
14-The Clairvoyant
15-Heaven Can Wait
16-Run to the Hills
17-2 Minutes to Midnight
18-Iron Maiden
19-Hallowed Be Thy Name (intro patched)
20-The Trooper
22-Running Free


1st gen tape > deck > EQ > soundcard > Sony Soundforge > WAV > FLAC (Level 8) > You

01-Die With Your Boots On (cut start)
02-Can I Play With Madness
03-From Here to Eternity
04-Wasting Love
06-The Evil That Men Do
07-Afraid to Shoot Strangers
08-Fear of the Dark
09-Bring Your Daughter to the Slaughter
10-The Clairvoyant
11-Heaven Can Wait
12-Run to the Hills
13-2 Minutes to Midnight
14-Iron Maiden
15-Hallowed Be Thy Name
16-The Trooper
17-Sanctuary (cut end)
18-Running Free

Please don't share in lossy formats.!0YpCUYxT!QqGaYyu-eWkY2zmCQgTedA

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Thank you very much.

I´ve got the incomplete Soundboard version before (good sound, but not complete).
This is the first time i have seen the audio of complete gig apart from the Pro-Shot
DVD that also exists.

This gig also a bit special since its the only time (i think) they played Die With Your Boots On on this tour.
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