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Iron Maiden
"Definitive Live Killers"

Radio Broadcast
24th May 1981
Nakano Sunplaza Hall
Tokyo, Japan
FM Recording
Artwork Included
Time: 80 min
Tour: The Killers World Tour 1981
Quality: A


01. Radio Intro
02. Wrathchild
03. Purgatory
04. Sanctuary
05. Remember Tomorrow
06. Another Life
07. Drum Solo / Another Life
08. Band Members Introduction
09. Genghis Khan
10. Killers
11. Innocent Exile
12. Twilight Zone
13. Strange World
14. Murders In The Rue Morgue
15. Phantom Of The Opera
16. Iron Maiden
17. Running Free
18. Transylvania
19. Guitar Solo (Dave Murray)
20. Drifter
21. Radio Outro
22. Prowler (audience recording)

The mythical and archi known Iron Maiden Show in Tokyo of the year 1981, this is a version of the FM that later served for the publication of the "Maiden Japan"

The radio was broadcast at NHK then, but this concert is the first appearance. This is only using the master tapes of the same recording person, the textures of the sounds are similar, the sense of stability of the sound image is also superb. Like the first day, even when the sound turns into a dango, the power and groove feeling that the band releases are transmitted with tremendous power with the sense that a line is passing through the sound.
This work resurrected in order to respond to the voice, not just a recurrence, was to challenge the limits of the sound recording itself had the latest digital remastering. And changing the treble sound quality, such as in containing bass jerk and hips, repeat the fine adjustment of entering the information enters the fine, it is not forthcoming to “further on” sound that was said to be “ultimate”. Indeed sound board part did not go only to the dramatic change has been award the “ultimate”, but within a range that does not kill the natural of the original sound, has undergone a treatment as possible in 2015.

"Prowler" taken from the audience was not broadcast, although it was the last song of the show has been included in the package.



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Many thanks for uploading this - a fantastic show & great sound.
And yes oronzous, I believe the Maiden Japan EP was recorded the night before.

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This is a must have, but Maiden Japan was not the same gig.
Probably, since on May 21 they also played at the Koseinenkin Kaikan in Tokyo. I understand that on May 24 they did two performances, one in the afternoon and the other at night.
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