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16 october 1995
Hristo Botev Hall
Sofia, Bulgaria

Version 2 : Upgrade. Incl. interview. - LPCM sound
Source : PRO

Source: TV
Lineage: TV mastertapes > DVD (Standalone recorder) > Sony Vegas > TMPGEnc DVD Author

Catalogue: WWP020 (weekendwarrior productions)
Time Lenght : 50 min (43+7)
# DVD : 1

menu & chapters : yes


1.Man On The Edge
2.The Edge Of Darkness
3.Fear Of The Dark
4.The Clairvoyant
5.The Number Of The Beast
6.Hallowed Be Thy Name
7.The Trooper
8.Iron Miaden


This is a DVD I authored from a source generously provided by Maiden Bulgaria Fanclub.
It's from a direct transfer from the TV mastertapes
so I guess this is the best quality we will ever get from this show.
Both audio and video are way better than the existing release but don't
forget this is a 14 year old video tape. Don't expect quality like nowadays TV broadcasts.

Download part 1 here
Download part 2 here
Download part 3 here
Download part 4 here
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