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I would like to address this issue. The short answer is no, your music is in no way protected on this site. Me nor the moderating staff can not guarantee that your music will not be taken by someone else and claimed as their own or anything else. We have over 12 gigs of mp3's on this site and there is simply no way we can monitor all of it. Any music you post should be considered public domain, all a person has to do is register to download it. If you are not comfortable with that or have a copyright on your music then I wouldn't suggest posting your music.

Khaos is no longer posting on this site and hasn't been for a couple of days now, we have decided it's best to let him go since there was no vaible explanation for his actions. Yes, I decided to give him time in doing so and that was my decision, not the mods so it's best to keep your issues with me regarding it.

Thanks to everyone for their patience with this and hopefully this has shed some light on the situation for you.
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