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This is my first and only post regarding this subject...aside from a PM that I sent to Pete commending him on his level headed and civil reaction to someone posting his playing and claiming it as their own. But, I have read every post in every thread concerning this. I saw everything from friend's blind denial to unconditional loyalty to hang him from the nearest tree. I was really afraid that things being said were gonna cause irreparable damage to some of the relationships on this site...a civil war, if you will. I sure hope that has not happened.

Although I hate to see a major contributor to the site, like Khaos go...and not because he was a huge source of backings but, because he obviously loved the site and the people who regularly post here... Eric, I know this must have been an extremely difficult decision to make. I also want commend you for taking your time and weighing all the pros and cons, and keeping your cool even when being verbally attacked in some of the posts. You have my utmost respect as a person and site administrator.:thumb:

Here's to Guitars101 :drunk:
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