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Hi Everyone. I found this forum via a Google search and I'm glad I did! just registered today. Thanks Guitars101! Hope everyone is doing well!

I came to this forum to ask if anyone has anything from the ABC In Concert series from 1975. I thought I had glimpsed someone asking about ABC in Concert stuff on another post, as well so I figured the sub-thread "Video bootlegs" would be a good starting point for me... More specifically I'm looking for the January 3, 1975 airing of the show featuring the band, the Isley Brothers. They perform two songs, Midnight Sky, and Summer Breeze (their cover of Seals and Crofts' Summer Breeze). This is NOT to be confused with their appearances on Don Kirshner's Rock Concert in 1973 and 1974 (I have those already)

Sidenote: The reason why this episode is so pertainent to Guitars is because of their very underrated, 1992 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee, lead guitarist Ernie Isley. You know the solo from "Who's That Lady", Summer Breeze, Climbing up the Ladder" .. to bring you guys up to speed: Jimi Hendrix (yeah everyone knows him) actually lived with the Isley Brothers from 1962-1965(ish) and recorded the song Testify, which Stevie Ray Vaughan later covered. Although Jimi never formally taught Ernie guitar, he undoubtedly had a strong influence on Ernie's guitar playing...

Back to the video I'm looking for: I've been searching EVERYWHERE for this video, and I have no preference whether it is on U-matic, Beta, VHS, or DVD. According to this episode also featured acts from Climax Blues Band, Gentle Giant, Souther Hillman Furay Band, hosted by Don E. Branker. see

SO, if anyone has this video, please let me know. I prefer email ([email protected]) but a simple PM, or reply to this thread will suffice too. Thanks so much.. have a great day.

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