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Hello, my name is Ken I run an upstart VST software development company. We have been giving away free vst effects on forums to their members. As a matter of fact thats all we have is freeware. This will change, but freeware is a major component of what we do. We will probably always create freeware.

So, I wanted to include your community in this, and start posting a new vst effect or amp every week.(free of charge). We regularly visit forums where we post to be available to support our software. We have been in the top 5 downloads at KVR for something like the last 5 weeks with all different vst effects and amplifiers. This was in the Freeware effects category.

So, I wanted to introduce myself and make sure that you all do not view this as spam. We are not selling anything, and these are audio production tools and amp simulators, so they are on topic...
I would like to ask you where you would like me to post, or even if you want me to post at all. If not then no harm done. Our goal is not to be disruptive, or dis-respectful in any way..

Our website is, please feel free to check us out, Just google acmebargig and you'll have a ton of information. So if this is something I can do please let me know. I thought it only right that I check with you as a community, and the moderators before we start...

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