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Jackson Browne
Robin Hood Dell West
Philadelphia, PA
August 21, 1978
(Complete Recorder 2)

Contrast Clause: This is an alternate recording source to this version here:

Transfer: .wav files > Peak Pro 6 (pre-production) > iZotope RX / ozone 5 (mastered) > Peak Pro 6 (post production) > xACT 2.39 > FLAC

01 The Fuse
02 Fountain Of Sorrow
03 Here Come Those Tears Again
04 I Thought I Was A Child
05 Your Bright Baby Blues
06 Before The Deluge
07 For A Dancer
08 Just Like Forever
09 Rosie
10 Cocaine
11 Doctor My Eyes
12 Walking Slow
13 Rock Me On The Water
14 Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate
15 For Everyman
16 Nothing But Time
17 You Love The Thunder
18 Running On Empty
19 Band Introduction
20 Love Needs A Heart
21 The Late Show
22 The Pretender
23 The Load-Out
24 Stay
25 The Road And The Sky

Known Faults:

Five months ago I released what I thought was the only source for Jackson Browne's late tour appearance at Robin Hood Dell West in Philadelphia.

In my original post I mentioned an upgrade to would be very welcome and thanks to the generosity of a fellow dime member, who will remain anonymous because he/she hasn't been on dime in the past month, we now have a massive upgrade with a second recording source.

The Recorder 1 source has a number of cuts, is distant and missing the last song, this 2nd source is about as close to perfect as you can get. Complete, no cuts, stable from start to finish and excellent quality making it THE very best quality capture of the "Running On Empty" tour I've come across. Samples provided...

It has one of only three known recordings of "Just Like Forever". With this release we finally get a beautiful quality source. The other versions are Cuyahoga Falls from August 7th which I released the master tape last month as part of the outstanding "JoeRay Master Series", thanks JoeRay, and the August 5th Milwaukee show which is still to come.

The show also contains a couple of humorous false starts on "I Thought I Was A Child".

This is the 10th recording I've released from this tour and a huge thanks to the dime members and traders that have helped fuel my addiction to this tour.

One big reason this one reaches top tier status is the continuing efforts of dime member goody, who tirelessly ensures not only my key releases but JEMS key releases run at the correct pitch. He lent his ears to this one ensuring it was spot on from start to finish.

Biggest thanks goes to the anonymous member who put this one in our hands, this is the way dime should work, one thing leads to another. I hope all is ok and credit can eventually be given where it is due.

Artwork included, I've also included a couple of newspaper reviews and ad for the show.


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