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I am not selling this but rather thinking of buying it, seems more expensive to buy one in the states from Spain.

Would anyone advise me on these jackson RR5 guitars, i have been playing for 6 years and never thought of buying a flying V, i had the opportunity to try this guitar since the seller is in spain,

The girl who selling this guitar is only doing so since she does not play it and it is collecting dust, its one of those stories, she gets this guitar for christmas last year from her boss who owns the concert agency she works for and who was taking lessons from this guy who sold it to him, both neglected to keep up the guitar seriously enough to own this one, any how.....

I went to a music store and tried a brand new Jackson RR5 in white with stripes, but it was no way near this black one on ebay i checked out, the original owner apparently set it up nice.

I also asked about this on other forums, like the jackson/charvel and Randy Rhoads TK forums, but they gave me a negative response advising me to buy a beat up RR5 elsewhere or spend 1200 dollars aka in EU as 930€ not including the RR plate and gold hardware for a new one which would add up to 1300€.

So iam asking again if people think i can get better for 800e, any advise on these guitars would be appreciated.|39%3A1|66%3A2|65%3A12|240%3A1318&_trksid=p3286.c0.m14

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