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I met a friend the last year (november) on talkbass, he was sharing material of Jaco and i asked him that if he could share the original files (Wav, Flac) to carry them to the sites we all know but we did not make a deal of exchange. 4 months later he talked with the Pastorius family... but i will say you more things about my friend; he was jobbing in 2013 with the great bassist Jeff Andrews, unfortunately he had problems with Jeff because (Jeff) was drugged (Heroine adicction), my friend (Ari) sued him and curiously lost the case, in spite of he helped to Jeff relaunching his career, JEFF DID NOT DO NOTHING FOR SAY THE TRUTH. My friend was 2.5 years in prison being innocent, he could exit on bail, his father had to pay 70.000 for it, and Ari lost his live savings in legal fees. Since then, he have had to live in homeless shelter. Ari is a great guitarist, producer (he does all with his iphone), now for the pandemic doesn´t have job, so when that call with Felix gave him the hope to catch some money and continue his dream of making music. Right now he´s selling recordings of Jaco Pastorius (denominated Maya Demos), is only in mp3 because if the quality is Flac, the Pastorius Family doesn´t make a deal. All the artist have been affected for this pandemic, please help Ari to improve his life conditions, any mount is good and appreciated! (Share this Jaco revelations for that all the people knows about it, the idea is call the attention of Pastorius Family, is it works, we will have more new Jaco coming!)
Here you can help (contact of my friend):
[email protected] Never Heard Before Jaco Demos - Zman8
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