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This contains 4 wav files. I do not know the lineage of it, but my friend Mauro R was kind enough to share it with me. It is transfered from the tapes and as such untampered. Feel free to do with them what you want: Track, convert, master, etc. Do anything but sell them, because that is not what this is about.... If you like your work, post it for others to compare with what is out there now. The accountant

James Taylor -
Jones Beach Theatre, Wantagh, NY;
August 20, 1986


Song For You Far Away
There We Are
Rainy Day Man
Carolina In My Mind
Only One
Angry Blues
Country Road
Anywhere Like Heaven
Summer's Here >
One Man Parade
Band Intros
Turn Away
Honey, Don't Leave L.A.
Story Time
Your Smiling Face
Only A Dream In Rio
A Junkie's Lament
Fire & Rain
Love Has Brought Me Around
I Will Follow
You've Got A Friend
Handy Man
Up On The Roof
Steamroller (With Heartbreaker Tease)
That's Why I'm Here
The Twist
Sweet Baby James


Dan Dugmore: Pedal Steel & Electric guitar
Carols Vega: Drums & Percussion
John Gilliton: Piano, Keyboards, Synthesizer
Lee Sklar: Bass
Arnold McCuller & Rosemary Butler: Backing Vocals

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