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Jane's Addiction -- Classic Versions (demos)

Recorded: May 1987 - Lillian Way Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Source: Studio Soundboard
Quality: Very Good
[email protected]

01. Idiots Rule (2:59)
02. Classic Girl (5:02)
03. Up the Beach (2:51)
04. Suffer Some (5:03)
05. Thank You Boys (1:07)
06. Summertime Rolls (5:58)
07. City (2:33)
08. Ocean Size (4:33)
09. Stop! (4:02)
10. Standing in the Shower (3:04)
11. Ain't No Right (2:55)
12. Three Days (9:05)

Total Time: 49:18

found on the web in relation to this boot:

"WB/publishing demo"
Date: May 1987
Location: Lillian Way Studios, Los Angeles, California
Musicians: Perry Farrell, Eric Avery, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins
Producer: Perry Farrell

Additional notes: Right after the band signed to Warner Bros, they figured they should put to tape all the songs of theirs that were unrecorded up to that point. This was done for publishing reasons, and also as a way for WB to get an idea of which songs they liked and wanted on the album. The songs were recorded live in the studio, without overdubs. This session has been widely bootlegged (Song List, Classic Versions), however no tracks have been officially released. One song recorded here, "Suffer Some" had not been officially released in any form until 2003, when the revamped incarnation of the band dusted it off (and reworked it a great deal) for inclusion on their comeback album Strays.

Note about "June Street Studios": Many bootleg collectors list this recording as being from June Street Studios. This is one of the biggest fallacies regarding Jane's Addiction bootlegs. The bootleg company that first released it, Totonka, casually mentioned June Street Studios in the small print on the back of the bootleg CD, Song List. Since no other location info was given, some fans assumed that was where the recording was from. But actually, June Street Studios was the name of Totonka's headquarters, where they put their bootleg CDs together. Just look on the back of another of the company's releases, Live And Profane (which consists of some live Jane's shows). First of all, the shows are mislabeled, bringing the company's credibility into question. And near the bottom is reads, "mixed + cut @ June Street Studios with Diatonic Processing." So hopefully that clears things up. Again, Jane's Addiction never recorded at June Street Studios, it's just the home of a bootleg company.
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