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January Constest - Strange (noodles jam)

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a song i made with a dude noodling over the ending with a Planet Caravan type feel. i'm particularly fond if it.

"Strange - Noodles Jam"
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Very cool jam mate. Very cool indeed. I like the differences between the dark and light phases of the song...

like what mondola says - nice sitar sound towards the end too. :thumb:
Rockin Jam Het!!!!.....:twisted:
Great heavy, doomy riff hetjr! Nice stuff! :jam: :rock:
Glad I was persistant!! Finally was able to play in Hi-Fi. Really enjoyed this work of art. Being a heavy player I really got behind this. Very smooth... dig the clean panning part. Very cleaver production. Love the clean lead... Wow what a beauty!!!

What did you use for guitar tones!!


thanks, everyone!

i just used my explorer type guitar (sorry, i have no idea who made it. it has NO id marks anywhere on or in it) and a digitech rp50 direct into the computer.
This was awesome, great job, great entry! :thumb: :thumb:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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