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Japan - 1982-12-08 - Tokyo, JP
(FM broadcast FLAC)

01 - Burning Bridges
02 - Sons Of Pioneers
03 - Alien
04 - Gentlemen Take Polaroids
05 - Swing
06 - Cantonese Boy
07 - Visions Of China
08 - Nightporter
09 - Ghosts
10 - Still Life In Mobile Homes
11 - Methods Of Dance
12 - Quiet Life
13 - European Son
14 - The Art Of Parties
15 - Bamboo Music *
16 - Taking Islands In Africa **
17 - Life In Tokyo
18 - Canton
19 - Good Night ***

Members of Yellow Magic Orhestra (YMO) join the band near the end of the set on various songs. Ryuichi Sakamoto is on keyboards.
* duet with Akiko Yano
** Yukihiro Takahashi sings lead vocals
*** duet with Akiko Yano

As with nearly all Sylvian related boots before 2001, lineage is unknown. The tracks on tape are superior but the tape was missing the three tracks that had to be added in from vinyl. Taking Islands in Africa seems to have been a little warped on the LP it was taken from, the other two tracks blend in surprisingly well.



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I'm not sure how I missed these guys the first time around, then again I was only 10 when Oil On Cavas was released and they were just obscure enough for me to the name and hear Karn with Peter Murphy. I am finally checking them out and so far I likey. Andy Rourke (the incredibly underrated funky bassist for The Smiths) was a huge fan, so that was about as gold seal stamp of approval I could get. Thanks Edge for sharing this, I imagine recordings such as this must be pretty rare. It's another tip of my cap to you sir!
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