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Japan - Requested By maxfrost

Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan 1979
( Radio Broadcast )

1.Don't Rain On My Parade.
2.Obscure Alternatives.
3.Love Is Infectious.
5.European Son.
6.Suburban Love.
7.Ballad-Suburban Berlin.
8.Adolescent Sex.
9.The Unconventional.
10.Automatic Gun.

Total Playing Time 47:48

MP3 320Kbps
Good Sound Quality

File Size 109 MB

Sound Quality On This Recording Not As Good As Above

Mito Hall, Tokyo, Japan 27th March 1980

Intro: Despair.
2. ...Rhodesia.
3.Quiet Life.
4.Fall In Love With Me.
6.All Tomorrows Parties.
7.Obscure Alternatives.
8.In Vogue.
9.Life In Tokyo.
11.Sometimes I Feel So Low.
12.Communist China.
13.Adolescent Sex.
14.I Second That Emotion.
15.Automatic Gun.

Total Playing Time 73:36

MP3 320Kbps

Vinyl Transfer
Decent Sound Quality

File Size 168 MB

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The Mito Hall Show is an FM Broadcast as is the 79 Budoken show. The mito hall is the Holy Grail if it's 1st generation. When BMG did the early album remasters they looked at this show for a possible remaster but no one has a decent enough copy and the original broadcast could not be tracked down.

Thanks for these.
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