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Hi, I own a Jazzmaster from 1993-1994, and am very happy with it. But I have a couple of questions due to dis-information. (Believe me, I´ve tried to get this info on the net)

One is that I like to do a lot of feedback. I began playing live hardcore, and my guitar "Gave up" at the second gig. I totally messed it up. So I sent it to a newly found Luthier, that albeit being very good, did some things to my guitar, that I disapproved at first, but then went along with it to see how a changed guitar would work for me. I have to admit he did a really great job making the guitar and hardware more rough for live situations. He did a perfect fret correction. But there are a couple of things that bug me and I have no real info about it.

First is the magnetic shielding he did to it. I told him that I liked the noise of the guitar, and to make a lot of feedback. Does that really takes away my potential for feedback or just it makes the sound more clear? Would my guitar suffer from taking away that magnetic shielding so to get the feedback power again?

And he instaled in the volume and tone potentiometers, 500 farads ones, so to make it a more "Jazzmaster" sound. I trusted him on that. It had 1.000 ones on it.

Also, my fingers slide underneath the strings when I solo, I wanted to place jumbo frets on it. He said that he would not do it, cuz Jazzmasters have a certain neck lenght, bridge height and all that, that if we would place the Jumbo frets, it would go out of tune. By micro tones, but out of tune none the less. I know all my Fav Jazzmasters players have jumbos installed in em. Is there a trick to it?

I tend to play very rough live. Be it blues, rock or noise. The guitar gets relief when I play my pop-indie side. I do all the noise stuff, use the tremolo very hard, I get it under the strings in the fretboard and pull em up, aggresive attack and all that. This luthier has taken care of a couple of things to make my guitar last more than 2 serious gigs, but I would like to know if there are Jazzmasters Wizards out there, and what other recomendations should I get.

Thanks so much. :thumbup:

(I have a bridge-o-matic installed, and the tremolo bar issue is fixed perfectly)
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