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Jean Michel Jarre - Concert pour la Tolerance​

MPEG 2, PAL, 4 : 3, 720 x 576p, Englisch AC-3/2

Jean Michel Jarre - Concert pour la Tolerance

Cover / Picture included in the download!


In 1993, Jarre was appointed by the UN, UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador, for his ongoing contribution to the Arts &
Entertainment and for his energy and talent in highlighting various local cultural aspects in his performances around the
globe. On Bastille Day 1995, in front of the Eiffel Tower, in the centre of Paris, he conceived and performed his “Concert
for Tolerance”, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the United Nations. The concert began with a flyover of the concert
area, Champs de Mars, by French Army’s prestigious Patrouille de France. The Eiffel Tower had never been so artistically
lit : this incited the French Government to give the capital’s landmark a permanent new lighting effect for the
Millennium and which contiues today. The concert offered many of Jarre’s greatest hits, but also some less well-known
work, such as Industrial Revolution… The general theme, Tolerance, was clearly expressed in the giant visual
projections, and also with the presence alongside Jarre of Khaled, a megastar in the Arab world.


01. Countdown
02. Equinoxe 7
03. Souvenir of China
04. Chronologie 4
05. Magnetic Fields 1
06. Ethnicolor
07. Vivaldi Tribute
08. Industrial Revolution
09. Band in the Rain
10. Oxygene 4
11. Digisequencer
12. Eldorado
13. Calypso 1
14. Rendez-Vous 4

Darsteller: Jean Michel Jarre
MPEG 2, PAL, 4 : 3, 720 x 576p, Englisch AC-3/2
Sprache: Englisch
Bildseitenformat: 4 : 3
Datenträger: 1 DVD (s) - 5
Studio: pro shot
Erscheinungsjahr: 2017
Produktionsjahr: 1995
Laufzeit: ca. 81 Minuten
Größe ca. 4352 Megabyte

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