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I recently bought Jeff Scott Soto live at The Gods 2002 DVD and man, it simply fuggin' ROCKS!!!!! I've been a big fan of JSS since his Yngwie days back in the 80's.

For those of you not in the know, you need to check this guy out, 'cos in my opinion he is the best melodic rock/AOR vocalist bar none, right up there with Steve Perry. Check out some of his stuff at his website.

Some of his best work is with the band Talisman and latterly, with Soul SirkUS.

The guy is also an absolute star. He did a live chat on his site last night and he really stays in touch with his fans. He also mentioned that he's currently writing with Neal Schon for a 2nd Soul SirkUS CD and that Journey will be doing European festival shows next year.

Forall you guitarists out there, Jeff's guitarist Howie Simon is shit hot!!!:jam:

He' is also touring the UK in September and playing close to my home town :woot: (Trillians, Newcastle for anyone interested) and I for one can't wait.

Do yourselves a favour and check him out:icon_peac
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