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One of my favorite phases of Jefferson Starship/Airplane's long career was the early 90's stuff they did with Darby Gould. This show captures the passion and fun of what they were doing and includes the legendary Papa John Creach. The performance is stellar, you can really tell they were into it that night and the A grade audience capture puts you right in the show. My favorite JS boot.

Crown of Creation, We Can Be Together, Wooden Ships, I'm On Fire, Lawman, Fire In The Sky, In A Crisis, Sunrise > Hijack > Have You Seen The Stars Tonight > Starship, John's Other, I'm Movin', Dragonfly, Genesis Hall (Fairport Convention tune), Down Home Blues, Over The Rainbow, Ride The Tiger, Dark Ages, -poem by Paul- "For The Good Of All", America, -short poem by Paul- "Get Ready", Volunteers E1: Girl With The Hungry Eyes, Have You Seen The Saucers, E2: The Other Side of This Life

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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