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Jerry Garcia Box Set
Deadman Records
(DM 019/020/021/022/023)

A great sampler of the many phases of Jerry Garcia's solo career. Thanks to the original uploader for taking the time and effort to share this compilation.

Disc 1

The Garcia Saunders Band

Jerry Garcia-vocals, guitar
Merle Saunders-keyboards, vocals
John Kahn-bass guitar
Bill Kreutzman-drums
Martin Fierro-saxophone

The Keystone - Berkely, CA 1/17/73

1. Think
2. Last Train to Jacksonville
3. Finders Keepers, Losers Weepers

The Lion's Share - San Anselmo, CA 1/23/73

4. All Blues - Red Beans & Rice

Disc 2

Old & In The Way

Jerry Garcia-vocals, banjo
David Grisman-vocals, mandolin
Peter Rowan-vocals, guitar
John Kahn-upright bass
Vasser Clements-fiddle
Ramblin Jack Elliot-guest vocals

Sonoma State University, CA 11/4/73

01. Goin To The Races
02. Catfish John
03. Eating Out Of Your Hand
04. Lonesome Fiddle Blues
05. Land Of The Navahoe
06. Jerry's Breakdown
07. Panama Red
08. Pig In The Pen
09. Fanny Hill
10. Hobo Song
11. Wild Horses
12. White Dove
13. Lonesome L.A. Cowboy
14. Tramp On The Street
15. All Around The Water Tank
16. Midnight Moonlight
17. Orange Blossom Special

Disc 3

The Great American String Band

Jerry Garcia-banjo, guitar
Taj Mahal-bass, vocals
Maria Muldar-vocals
Richard green-fiddle
David Grisman-mandolin
David Nichtern-guitar

Ebbet's Field - Denver, CO 5/11/74

1. Limehouse Blues
2. My Plastic Banana
3. Rollin In My Sweet Baby's Arms
4. Midnight At The Oasis

Legion Of Mary

Jerry Garcia-vocals, guitar
Merle Saunders-keyboards, vocals
John Kahn-bass
Paul Humphrey-drums
Martin Fierro-saxophone

Golden Gate Park Mary Meadows CA 9/2/74

5. Expressway To Your Heart
6. Neighbor, Neighbor
7. Mystery Train
8. How Sweet It Is

Disc 4

Legion Of Mary

Jerry Garcia-vocals, guitar
Merle Saunders-keyboards, vocals
John Kahn-bass
Paul Humphrey-drums
Martin Fierro-saxophone

Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA 12/15/74

1. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
2. Bossa Martin

Garcia/Hopkins Band

Jerry Garcia-vocals, guitar
Nicky Hopkins-piano
John Kahn-bass
Ron Tutt-drums
Matthew Kelly-harp

Winterland - San Francisco, CA 03/20/75

3. Let It Rock
4. Tore Up Over You
5. Let's Spend The Night Together
6. Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder

Disc 5


Jerry Garcia-vocals, guitar
Merle Saunders-keyboards, vocals
John Kahn-bass
Gaylord Birch-drums
Ron Stallings-saxophone, vocals
Ed Nuemeister-trombone

The Keystone - Palo Alto, CA 6/22/79

1. Welcome To The Basement
2. Another Star
3. Freedom Jazz Dance
4. That's What Love Will Make You Do
5. Dear Prudence

notes- I bought this in n.y.c.years ago and corrected some obviously erroneous info (such as the "legend of mary" and Garcia/Hopkins said 95...I assume they meant 75???) In either event, it is difficult to nail down the accuracy of the info provided considering the shows are incomplete it is tough to match up...but I think the garcia/hopkins date is questionable and the jerrybase info on the rconstruction is conflicting...though I find it hard to get any definate answers when it comes to solo Jerry thing I know for sure is that this sounds great and is a great variety of all the things Jerry was doing back in his's a nice collection of goodies for the hardcore collectors and a great intro to the world of Jerry for any newbies out there...the diversity of the music in this torrent is extreme...from pure hillbilly goodness to jazz that eyes of the world couldn't hold a candle to...enjoy great quality recordings of great quality performances...please feel free to help me with any info you may have re:the actual dates of the questionable sets if you know...thanx
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