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1979 Elektra sessions + 1973 London sessions

=== 1979 Elektra sessions ===
01. Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll
02. Milk Cow Blues
03. Birds And Bees
04. C.C. Rider
05. Coming Back For More
06. I Ain’t Loved You
07. Lover’s Honeymoon
08. Old Sweet Music (Sweet Jesus)
09. Tossin’ And Turnin’
=== 1973 London sessions ===
10. Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee [alternate take]
11. Bad Moon Rising [false start + alternate take]
12. Early Morning Rain [instrumental]
13. Juke Box [alternate take]

01. Old Time Rock ‘N’ Roll.flac:0142f0093a821e372042b14c2cc19781
02. Milk Cow Blues.flac:d30dbece7336b58f37722e79d3539a13
03. Birds And Bees.flac:580dcfc85fce308e794ae1a775a9cb3b
04. C.C. Rider.flac:97c607fd396cea9a4d9257ee32ba8355
05. Coming Back For More.flac:edfa8cbfcc8d187d66d7b2b863c68428
06. I Ain’t Loved You.flac:99ba031abddba3228081063f094f87c9
07. Lover’s Honeymoon.flac:fc717de708ccbb33d1fb648f27bf93ec
08. Old Sweet Music (Sweet Jesus).flac:d8973b0927c4ae93716617059e504ed2
09. Tossin’ And Turnin’.flac:8f6efb43a6a1e407aa85d34f36468114
10. Drinkin' Wine Spo Dee O Dee [alternate take].flac:20e33606b407bf7d8121fc1ecc297b81
11. Bad Moon Rising [false start + alternate take].flac:d1d28514294facded4d349881adb31fe
12. Early Morning Rain [instrumental].flac:b4167f205b681a199742a7e8fab194bf
13. Juke Box [alternate take].flac:e3c69905f6c87d6f1b5e38a3decde994

SOURCE: Studio
LINEAGE: unknown lineage > CD-R (trade) > EAC wav (hard drive) > Trader's Little Helper flac level 8 & torrent > HungerCity

This collection is noted on the following website; I have found no other reference to it:

There is apparently some compilation released in Europe, likely a bootleg, called Honky Tonk Stuff: A Collection of Rare and Unissued Recordings which contains this material as well:


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Thanks for this. I had a couple of the Elektra outtakes on another release but these are superior quality.

The links in your post and in the text file are dead.
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