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Jesus And Mary Chain
First Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Source: stereo audience recording
Lineage: ANA(2) -> CDR(m) -> FLAC -> you
Transfer: Denon DRM-600 -> Philips CDR775 CD Recorder

1. In A Hole
2. Just Like Honey
3. Inside Me
4. Taste The Floor
5. Taste Of Cindy
6. The Hardest Walk
7. The Living End
8. Mushroom
9. Never Understand
10. Jesus Suck

I might have shared this about ten years ago, but this is a raw transfer without unnecessary EQ or NR.

Uploaded to Dime by humanoidboo on 29 Sep 2015.

After download, added tags and renamed files using MP3tag, and regenerated md5 and ffp using TLH.
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