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The Lyon Tapes Collection (volume 275)

Amsterdam (Holland)
October 13, 1987

Lineage : analogic FM recording ...
Broadcasted live on a dutch radio (from Amsterdam ??)
3rd gen tape (azimuth optimised) > SB Live > Adobe Audition (copying & editing) > Wav files > Trader's Little Helper (SB aligned/Flac level 6) > Flac files.

Setlist : complete
01. April Skies
02. Taste Of Cindy
03. Cherry Came Too
04. Some Candy Talking
05. The Living End
06. Down On Me
07. Just Like Honey

7 separate tracks
total time : 21'47"

Notes :
i've got this tape by trade in the late 80's.

artwork: no

Line-up :
Jim Reid - vocals, guitar
William Reid - vocals, guitar
Douglas Hart : bass
John Moore : drums

-------------------------------------- Enjoy it all JESUS & MARY CHAIN fans !!!

Update by putuco (03/Apr/2008):

This tape, in my opinion, was slow. I raised the speed by 8% and now seems more accurate at least for my ears.
First flac files decoded to wav, speed edited, then re-encoded the files to Flac Level 8.
Thanks again to Olivier/lolive for this huge upload to DIME!

Includes md5, ffp, info and artwork
Artwork also at:

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I lost my TDK with this. Thanks a lot
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