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The Jesus & Mary Chain
Vicar Street
31 July 2014

Taped & Transferred by Kagee1

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FOB, DFC - about 10 meters from the stage in line with Jim.

01. Intro
02. Snakedriver
03. Head On
04. Far Gone And Out
05. Between Planets
06. Blues From A Gun
07. Teenage Lust
08. Cracking Up
09. All Things Must Pass
10. Some Candy Talking
11. Happy When It Rains
12. Halfway To Crazy
13. Nine Million Rainy Days
14. Reverence
15. Encore Break
16. Just Like Honey
17. In A Hole
18. The Hardest Walk
19. Taste Of Cindy
20. Never Understand

An excellent, if a tad shakey at times, performance from the Bros Reid & Co.

William appeared to be having trouble with his guitar rig throughout the gig which resulted
in a false starts on a number of tunes. It got to the point during the encores that I thought he &
Jim were going to come to blows.

All that aside it was a really good show. My tape turned out pretty good. Unusually for a Dublin crowd
talkers were at a minimum.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc you should be able to fit this on 1 disc if
you use over burn but fail that I'd suggest splitting after Some Candy Talking

Remember to support The Jesus & Mary Chain - buy their albums, go to their gigs and buy their merch.

Enjoy the show!

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