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The Jesus and Mary Chain
MUV Hall
Seoul, South Korea
17 May 2019

01. - Intro -
02. Amputation
03. April Skies
04. Head On
05. Blues From A Gun
06. Mood Rider
07. Black And Blues
08. Far Gone And Out
09. Between Planets
10. Taste Of Cindy
11. The Living End
12. Teenage Lust
13. All Things Pass
14. Some Candy Talking
15. Halfway To Crazy
16. Reverence
17. - Encore Break -
18. Just Like Honey
19. Cracking Up
20. In A Hole
21. War On Peace
22. I Hate Rock 'n' Roll

Lineage: Zoom iQ7 > iPhone XR > HandyRec (wav) > MacBook Pro > Audacity (track splitting) > xACT (flac) > you

First time for J&MC in Seoul. Small venue (about 1000 capacity), not sold out - but close... Enthusiastic but well-behaved audience.

Recorded about five meters from the stage slightly left of the middle. Had to quickly adjust recording levels during the intro so that's brick walled. The rest of the show is really good. It could used a gentle bass boost, but I decided to share it as is. Some photos are in the folder, including one of the ripped up setlist.



OneDrive: JAMC_-_2019-05-17_Seoul.rar

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