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Great sounding show. Alternative Rock from East Kilbride in Scotland (c) 1983. Originally splitting up in 1999, they reformed in 2007 and I believe they're still going today. Their last album was 2017's Damage & Joy.

Jesus And Mary Chain
Roskilde Festival DK
2nd July 1988

JAMC-1988,2Jul-roskilde festival

the hardest walk
surfin' USA
happy place
you trip me up
april skies
happy when it rains
just like honey
down on me
the living end
nine million rainy days
inside me
never understand
I need a man
gimme hell
kill surf city

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went back to watching Wendy and Transvision....

Jesus Mary Chain...yeah yeah good group now ......holy crap Wendy is running and jumping real high..gotta go...
cheers !!!

thank you !!!
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