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JETHRO TULL, London February 26th 1971 - from the Laggashoebox.

Second time seeded - slightly remastered and indexed into 11 tracks from Lagga's original seed.

Lagga recorded this on a Uher on slow speed in the very loud Gaumont State Theatre.

"WARNING: this isn't a high fidellity recording!.

But to me it sounds just like it did that night almost 35 years ago.

I'm not a Tull specialist and I haven´t heard other early Tull tapes so I will not judge the musical quality, but I really like this recording, it's full of energy. As for the track list perhaps someone could help me out! This is just one track of 73 minutes so if anyone will split it in tracks feel free to do it and re-seed it! I'm pretty sure that this must be the early performance from the 26th.

1. Intro/My God (w. flute solo)
2. Aqualung
3. With You There To Help Me
4. By Kind Permission Of
5. Sossity: You're A Woman
6. Reasons For Waiting
7. Nothing Is Easy
8. Dead Air / Ian
9. Wind Up/Guitar Solo/
10. Locomotive Breath
11. Wind-Up (reprise)

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