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Jethro Tull - Wind Up
20 June, 1971 Community Theater, Berkeley, Ca. USA
Source: Aud
Quality: Ex

Attending the ninth-ever show with Barrie Barlow, and only the eleventh
since the US release of 'Aqualung', the audience of this Berkeley concert were remarkably attentive; indeed, Ian thanked them for it! Hence, though this was taped from the audience, clarity is excellent.

The performance itself is stunning - far, far more so than the tracklist might suggest. These are the songs that became the heart of Tull's live presence, and remain so, but in June 1971 they were new - fresh and exciting, to both the band and the audience. This is how the songs were originally intended to be played live. And no, that's not a typo: 'Wind-Up' really is over fifteen minutes long! However (there's always a 'however') the recording is short, featuring only 42 minutes from towards the end of the show; the rest just wasn't taped. It's still very much worthwhile, and highly recommended.

This recording is entirely new to trading circulation - the taper isn't a trader, so the recording remained 'incommunicado' for over thirty years. Surprisingly, long-term storage on magnetic tape has caused negligible deterioration of sound quality, so very little 'remastering' was required beyond basic dehissing, disguising of three minor breaks, and indexing into individual tracks.

1: Aqualung : 7:45
2: Cross Eyed Mary (w. drum solo) : 8:50
3: Nothing Is Easy : 8:45
4: Wind-Up : 15:06
5: Locomotive Breath (piano & guitar intro only) : 1:53

Total: 42:19

Artwork included and it's also available from:
<Downloadable CD-R cover artwork from the Ministry of Information>

For trade only, do not sell.
Do not encode as MP3 or any other lossy format and redistribute.

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