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Jethro Tull
July 2 1971
"Wind Up In Dallas"

01 My God- includes Flute Solo etc
02 Cross-Eyed Mary
03 Nothing Is Easy
04 Wind Up- includes Locomotive Breath instrumentals-
Wind Up Reprise

I had a request for this show- it seems to be at right speed but it is Bassey. Sounds pretty good for its age! Obviously an incomplete recording, I think this one was a vinyl boot back in the day

The Players
Ian Anderson- Vocals Flute Guitar
Martin Barre- Guitar
Jeffery Hammond - Bass-
Barrymore Baloow-Drums

Trade CDRs-EAC-TLH at 8 for FLAC- TLH for Torrent file-Dime

My Now Standard disclaimer!
IT'S a BOOT perfect recordings can be had at Amazon or best buy, this is a nice recording that may pop,click,hiss and otherwise offend- Truth is you probably won't like it!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts