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Jethro Tull
Zurich May 16 1976
"It's a Boy"

Here's a 76 show from the European tour with lots of the Too Old to R&R record that I had forgotten about- thanks to a request I have it out and going up

This is a Blue Eyes remaster, which I had always thought meant fixed up the best it can be. It sounds good (see disclaimer) but Actually this runs too slow-anyone wants to fix that and re-up this I'd sure love it!!!

Track List
Disc 1
1 Thick as a Brick
2 Too Old To Rock and roll
3 To Cry You a Song
4 A New Day Yesterday
5 Flute Solo-Kelpie-Bouree-
6 Living in The Past-TAAB inst
7A New Day reprise
8 Requim
9 Big Dipper
10 Beethoven's 9th
11 Minstrel in The Gallery
12 Quiz Kid

Disc 2
1 The Chequered Flag
2 Crazed Institution
3 Instrumental
4 Cross Eyed Mary
5 Aqualung
6 Guitar Hero inst
7 Wind Up
8 Back Door Angles
9 Minstrel In The Gallery
10 Locomotive Breath
11 Finale
12 Back Door Angles Reprise

Trade CRs-EAC-TLH for FLAC at 8-TLH for torrent files-Dime
I use EAC to check for MP3 source

My Now Standard disclaimer!
IT'S a BOOT perfect recordings can be had at Amazon or best buy, this is a nice recording that may pop,click,hiss and otherwise offend- Truth is you probably won't like it!

If it runs slow I will give my opinion, as if you asked!?

Maybe if or when fz789 redoes this show he will do more than a scratch and move. ;-0

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Thanks Scottie. I've been trying to find this one forever.
This one actually sounds pretty good... Not sure of any "rating" but a quick review after a request placed this in my own listening queue.

Always glad to fill in anyone's missing links...

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This is the best sounding show I've heard from the European tour where he played many tunes from the Too Old To Rock N Roll album that he did not seem to play on the U.S. tour.

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Speed-corrected, with some tracking changes and fixes:
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