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Jethro Tull
Pontiac Silverdome,
Detroit, MI
July 25, 1976

01_Thick As A Brick 13:15
02_Ian talks 1:00
03_Wond'ring Aloud 2:09
04_Crazed Institution 3:35
05_Instrumental 4:09
06_To Cry You A Song 2:30
07_A New Day Yesterday 2:52
08_Flute Solo-God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen-Bouree 6:32
09_Living In The Past-A New Day (reprise) 3:01
10_Too Old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die 6:08
11_Minstrel In The Gallery 7:32
12_Beethoven's Ninth 3:31
13_My God 5:18
14_Cross-Eyed Mary 3:35
15_Aqualung 7:58

In the recent seeding of the Jethro Tull Backdoor Angels - Los Angeles 8.15.76 show, I suggested in the comments field that some of us try to upload all of the known 1976 shows as there seem to be precious few of them.
Well, I'm accepting my own challenge by offering what I believe is a rare '76 show. Certainly, I've never seen it posted on any site and almost never on anyone's trade list.
Notes: I just received this on CD-R from a cool trader. He's got some fine, rare Tull shows (among many other bands) and, unlike some people out there with hard-to-find shows, he does not horde them. I don't have permission to give his name out so he will remain among the friendly trading collective.
As I heard it, the show ran a little too slow. So, I opened each track in WavePad and increased the speed/pitch by 4%. Then, I reduced the volume of all tracks except "Aqualung" to 85%. "Aqualung" must have come after a tape flip because I had to increase it's volume 25% to match the rest of the show.
Finally, I had to realign several track markers because some songs started or ended in the wrong place in relation to the track numbers. There was a brief cut about 60% of the way through "Too Old..." that I removed.

So, here's the lineage: CDR in trade>WavePad>FLAC Level 8>FLAC Frontend

Sound: AUD B+ A bit boomy perhaps, I imagine because of the size of the venue but really no audience interference. A pretty typical sounding show of this time period.

-Upped by tombstone, a Borrelli Remaster
May 15-17, 2008

Unless you can really bring something to this recording, please don't change and then repost it. If you must modify it, please do so for yourself. I'm sure some of us get a bit tired of downloading 3 or 4 versions of the same show. I know I do. Thank you!

Please share, never sell or convert to MP3 (save for your own use) and enjoy!

Checksums & Fingerprints are included.

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