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Jethro Tull - 1982 - Stuttgart, Ravenburg, Freiburg, DE
(FM broadcast FLAC)

Live in Germany on the "broad sword" tour
Oberschwabenhalle, Ravensburg, april 28, 1982
Sporthalle, Böblingen, april 29, 1982
Stadthalle, Freiburg, april 30, 1982
Stuttgart, Germany (this location is announced in broadcast, instead of Böblingen
but no such show or date info. is listed in "ministry of information" tull fan site.
several other shows from Germany are, however.)
"supergroups in concert" FM broadcast

FM broadcast > sansui 8 reciever with wire antenna > unknown average quality cassette recorder (dolby off) > Maxell XLII 90 min. master cassettes > played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned)

Ian Anderson: flute and vocals
Martin Barre: guitar and mandolin
Peter-John Vetesse: keyboards (thanks to metro cubo for spelling correction!)
Dave Pegg: bass
Gerry Conway: drums (Paul Burgess replaced him for the US tour that followed this European one)

01: radio intro 1:01
02: clasp 3:59
03: hunting girl 5:14
04: fallen on hard times 4:24
05: pussy willow 4:42 (patched)
06: broad sword 5:16 (patched, problems)
07: one brown mouse 3:26 (patched)
08: seal driver 5:53 (patched)
09: watching 4:05
10: weathercock > fire at midnight > keyboard/drums 8:05 (cuts, tape flip)
11: sweet dream 4:41
12: songs from the wood 3:51
13: crossfire 4:04
14: heavy horses 7:19
15: protect and survive 5:47
16: band intros 1:42
17: the whirling pit 2:19
18: pibroch > black satin dancer 6:53
19: bungle in the jungle 4:30 (end announcer spliced)
20: aqualung 8:16
21: minstrel in the disco > 3:08
22: locomotive breath > 4:26
23: black sunday reprise 1:56

runtime: 105:01 (minutes/ seconds)

this recording comes from a broadcast that had problems in tracks 5-8. it's not from reception issues, although a couple of later tracks have some slight static, that's hardly noticable, but several parts of tracks 5-8 cut out in one channel caused by some interruption of the signal in one channel. most of it is the left channel cutting out a few times it's the right one, so some sections were monoized to keep continuity as smooth as possible. it's a bit of a bumpy ride in some parts, but the rest is pretty enjoyable. this all comes from the tapes recorded when this broadcast was promoting the US part of the "broad sword and the beast" tour. there's a cut for the tape flip at 45 min. into the show missing just a few seconds, all the rest is there.



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