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Font Line Music Microphone Event

Jethro Tull
Laguna Hills Ampitheatre
Laguna Hills, CA
1988 06 03

CD 1
01 Nothing Is Easy
02 Thick As A Brick
03 Steel Monkey
04 Farm On The Freeway
05 A New Day Yesterday
06 Fat Man
07 Budapest
08 Oh’ Carolans Concerto
09 Cheap Day Return/Mother goose
10 Part Of The Machine

CD 2
01 My God (Includeing Flute Solo)
02 Instumental (Including Black Satin Dancer/Pussy Willow)
03 Jump Start
04Too Old To Rock ‘n’ Roll….
05 Wind Up
06 Aqualung
07 Locomotive Breath
08 Including (Seal Driver/Black Sunday)
09 Thick As A Brick (Reprise)

Artwork included.
Audience VG+
Got this in a trade. wav. files on a dvd. Encoded to flac with TLH flac level 6. I've seen this show titled as " The Irvine Medows Amphitheatre" and "The Laguna Hills Amphitheatre".
Both on the same date. I'm sticking with Laguna Hills because that's what the art says.

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It's Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre. Laguna Hills is the city the venue used to be in.
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