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Jethro Tull
Massey Hall, Toronto, Ont. Canada
Nov 03 1992
Probable first time Release

DAT--> Cassette Maxell 90 IEC TYPE II HIGH (CrO2)-->Wav-->Flac
1st Generation

Raw Transfer - Unprocessed

Quality VG-

Disc 1

1 - Someday the Sun Won't Shine for You - 4:04
2 - Living in the Past - 4:42
3 - Life's a Long Song - 4:45
4 - Beggars Farm - 5:50
5 - Jack-O- Lynn - 5:13
6 - Too Old To Rock and Roll, Too Young To Die - 7:38
7 - Christmas Song - 3:31
8 - Bouree - 4:32
9 - Pussy Willow - 4:12
10 - Rocks on the Road - 6:25
11 - Aqualung - 7:54

Disc 2

1 - Intro - 1:50
2 - My Sunday Feeling - 4:34
3 - With You There to Help Me - 5:51
4 - This is Not Love - 6:41
5 - New Day Yesterday - 8:09
6 - *Farm on The Freeway - 8:11
7 - *My God - 10:25
8 - *Locomotive Breath - 6:20
9 - Thick As A Brick - featuring Cross Eyed Mary - 11:13

*digital audio flaw within track. Still listenable, but noticable
especially during "loud" sections.

An energetic and fresh concert from Jethro Tull, recorded during the Catfish Rising tour. Ian and the gang came about with an amazing
collection of songs from the new, to unexpected classic oldies.
During this time (1992) I had recently discovered and fell in love with the oldest and earliest Tull. I can't say how amazed I was to hear songs I never thought I'd hear live. "My Sunday Feeling" "Someday the Sun Won't Shine for You" "Beggars Farm".
I was in my glory!!!
A friend of mine was in the front rows, with a DAT recorder.
This was Jethro Massey Hall.

The sound quality of this show is very good. The music and instruments are good and clear. Ian's voice however, as it was live at the show, is often distant and, not unexpectedly, weak.
The concert itself is energetic, with the band well on form. Ian has many comic moments, all nicely captured here. At one point requesting that we, the audience, refrain from our hooping and hollering, as they would rather hear themselves play instead of our "ridiculous voices", and suggesting we save it for a Bruce Springsteen concert.
Nice slap from Ian! All in good fun.

The biggest glitch in this recording appears on three tracks:
Farm on The Freeway
My God
Locomotive Breath

A digital "static" occurs throughout, most prominent during the louder sections of the songs. Whether this flaw occurred during transfer from tape to PC, or happened during the burning process, I'm not sure. It's definitely NOT un-listenable, but noticeable.
Otherwise, this is it! Raw, unprocessed, and first generation.

As far as I know, this is a first time release of this concert.
For a Tull fan it's a perfect candidate for remastering.

Pour yourself a glass, sit back, and enjoy the show.


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