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Hi again Tull fans.

Here is an excellent audience boot from the 1995 Roots to Branches tour. It was recorded on 11.22.1995 at the Riverside Theater in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The boot features Doane's thundering bass drums (you'll want to remove any breakables from around your speakers), and Martin is in fine form throughout. The artwork is included.

Disc 1
'A' Medley
Roots to Branches
Rare and Precious Chain
Out of the Noise
In the Grip of Stronger Stuff
At Last Forever
Dangerous Veils
Beside Myself
Aqua Intro/Aqualung/Aquadiddley

Disc 2
Nothing is Easy
We Used to Know
In the Moneylender's Temple
My God
Fat Man
Wounded, Old and Treacherous
Locomotive Breath
Jump Start/Dambusters March/Thick as a Brick (reprise)

The megaupload link for the Tull Alpine, Ca. 2000 show is dead. Could someone please reupload and repost the link? Thanks.

Old Charlie

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Unless I am mistaken: All recording and mastering by the Lazy King, Wurzburg, Germany
Master recording: Sonic Studios DSM-6p Mikes>Sony WM-D6C pro Walkman>Maxell XLII-S 100 min tapes
The transfer :Master Tape>the same Sony WM-D6C>Philips CDR-765>Maxell CDR-DA 74's>EAC>WAV>FLAC (level 8 )>

if not contact ME for copies of the master, if it's the same recording, and as of this date only 1 copy of this show is known to exist so--

GIVE Fucking credit where you got it!

Yes, I believe it's the same recording. Sorry for the oversight, and thanks for the truly excellent boot!

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this bootleg is out of this WORLD fantastic.

few clappers/shouters...and the band is fantastic!
roots to branches was such a nice direction for ian anderson and martin barre to take for the sake of challenging themselves, again.
and this in the same league with the amazing 2009 AUD japanese clapton/beck set in terms of quality.

thanks flachead for all the work (and to old charlie for getting it to my attention!)
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