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I though I had posted this somewhere before but I dont even see a previously uploaded copy of the disc.


Just about all the Swedish shows have been uncovered thanks to the hard work and dedication of one particular Swedish collector. When he found this show the owner stipulated that he would be allowed to make a DAT copy on the understanding that no copies were made. He did however make up a couple of CDR copies which he sent to about four Hendrix collectors around the world for safe keeping but with the request that they were not put into circulation. I've held onto my copies ever since he sent me it. Some of this may went into circulation but not in the originals like this !!!!!!! SO KEEP HERE FOR NOW PLEASE. THANK YOU

Jimi Hendrix Experience
The Swedish Shows Disc
5 & 6. [Last in a 6 disc series]
Concerts played in Sweden between 1967 - 1968

All concerts are from the lowest generation masters available.

Jimi Hendrix Experience
Stora Salen, Konserthuset
Stockholm, Sweden
January 9, 1969
Early & Late Shows

Source: Soundboard Recording
Lineage: Master reels > DAT > CDR > Soundstudio > Shorten > shtn

CD 1
First show
01. Audience
02. MC Introduction
03. Jimi Intro. & Banter >
04. Killin' Floor
05. Spanish Castle Magic
06. Fire
07. Hey Joe
08. Voodoo Chile (slight return)
09. Red House >
10. Sunshine Of Your Love > Bass Solo > Sunshine Of Your Love [no vocals]
11. MC Outro

CD 2
Second show
01. Jimi Intro. & Banter >
02. I Don't Live Today
03. Spanish Castle Magic
04. Tuning > Hey Joe
05. Tuning > Voodoo Chile (slight return) >
06. Sunshine Of Your Love > Bass Solo > Drum Solo > Sunshine Of Your Love [no vocals]
07. Tuning Red House
08. Fire
09. Purple Haze >
10. Star Spangled Banner > MC Outro

Band Members
Jimi Hendrix - guitar & vocals
Noel Redding - bass & vocals
Mitch Mitchell - drums

These two shows have been very well documented and they also fall in to the category of having been bootlegged to death. Probably the best of all the bootleg versions is the double Swinging Pig release "On The Killing Floor" (1989) which is now very hard to locate. The versions of the shows here are from the master reels and provide the best sound quality available.

The first show is uninspired while the second is probably one of the best that the band played that year with Mitch and Noel providing an excellent platform for Jim's playing which is nothing short of extraordinary. I suppose what you have here are the two contrasting sides of the Experience. The group by now were exhausted from their never ending touring, playing to large arenas they had almost lost contact with their audience. Hendrix, especially felt this alienation with an audience who he felt demanded he 'put on a show' rather than listen to the music. His aside comments at the start of the first show and the sloppy manner of playing that follows would bear this out. On the other hand The Experience were also by now a finely honed unit that could deliver the goods with astounding brilliance as the second show proves.

But why such a difference between the sets. This was answered by Noel in his 1990 book "Are You Experienced?"

"Sweden. Always the same problem - no drugs. We were forced to drink the killer Schnapps, and it brought on Jimi's mood for the first set. In desperation I went out between shows and with much persistence managed to score a leaper. We huddled anxiously over the dressing room table, crushed the pill into a powder, shared it out, and snorted it. The second show was much more together and enthusiastic."

added notes by happy jack
received in 2004 ? my copies
updated info, text
renamed tracks by putting [0] in front of numbers [because most tracker sites require this]
added new md5 for new renamed tracks. then checked and passed
original md5 included
Added Spectral & Frequency Analysis for cd 1 track 9
SBEs checked and passed
Artwork included


Do NOT Sell !!!!!


Happy Jack

New md5
a245c4720af0ce83ecd8e817fceee6c7 *1969-1-9d1t01.shn
e85ed6b9c2886bdbd5a34a0fb7e67e47 *1969-1-9d1t02.shn
c68aa8736d872e1617db87abce0a7a61 *1969-1-9d1t03.shn
fe152add306e5d4e5e06ae52d97b7057 *1969-1-9d1t04.shn
ac5ad60534947747e5206f885684418b *1969-1-9d1t05.shn
6f40144c718b21fac6d509761227ffc6 *1969-1-9d1t06.shn
09747bcba66f95024759e73c0503e1b6 *1969-1-9d1t07.shn
787f197e94b39bb61d547cdba9f44bc0 *1969-1-9d1t08.shn
656ad371281e37340e729437f70c99f4 *1969-1-9d1t09.shn
fbf70972798dda57ab70cc3c739c7e2d *1969-1-9d1t10.shn
85cf5e94077705a15d1e84980926efd4 *1969-1-9d1t11.shn
cc422cd01b514c2faef246b2e82900e0 *1969-1-9d2t01.shn
12e2bc15fd002f9313963ff7ddbd6e40 *1969-1-9d2t02.shn
99be0389a5938f67bce0eee06183f311 *1969-1-9d2t03.shn
c5b729382b5b8f8b3872a9f85452a010 *1969-1-9d2t04.shn
82eb4d692acd8cff7ff778138f4e77ff *1969-1-9d2t05.shn
17506c19e98b0186449a623e9bdac089 *1969-1-9d2t06.shn
c87fc466c7baf551fb32cf8f643351e2 *1969-1-9d2t07.shn
d1c65a98aed5d36fe300ee24cebcdfc9 *1969-1-9d2t08.shn
f5ff1d01c0b79154da7e337316711501 *1969-1-9d2t09.shn
7c8c6dc768e331889866adf791e35764 *1969-1-9d2t10.shn

length expanded size cdr WAVE problems fmt ratio filename
3:06.48 32923340 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.3406 1969-1-9d1t01.shn
0:43.43 7686380 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.5820 1969-1-9d1t02.shn
1:35.13 16788620 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.5890 1969-1-9d1t03.shn
5:15.43 55667180 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.7248 1969-1-9d1t04.shn
7:55.33 83867660 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6960 1969-1-9d1t05.shn
2:52.35 30423164 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.7646 1969-1-9d1t06.shn
4:12.40 44546924 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.7444 1969-1-9d1t07.shn
13:57.20 147693884 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6921 1969-1-9d1t08.shn
11:33.14 122278172 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6521 1969-1-9d1t09.shn
7:33.66 80064476 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6508 1969-1-9d1t10.shn
0:30.26 5353196 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.5724 1969-1-9d1t11.shn
1:49.13 19258220 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.5713 1969-1-9d2t01.shn
8:47.13 92993420 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6993 1969-1-9d2t02.shn
6:19.71 67022636 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.7124 1969-1-9d2t03.shn
6:53.65 73006124 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.7461 1969-1-9d2t04.shn
10:33.19 111705932 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6925 1969-1-9d2t05.shn
10:47.60 114271964 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6627 1969-1-9d2t06.shn
12:20.12 130564268 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6821 1969-1-9d2t07.shn
3:46.06 39880556 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6385 1969-1-9d2t08.shn
3:59.64 42310172 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.7022 1969-1-9d2t09.shn
3:16.59 34713212 B --- -- ---xx shn 0.6676 1969-1-9d2t10.shn
127:50.13 1353019500 B 0.6775 (21 files)


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MEGA or Mediafire or RAPIDGATOR please? Somehow FileFactory downloads through 101 crash since they changed the website. PurpleHippies who offer FF uploads as well do something different appearantly, they never crash.
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